There’s recently been a TV series on called Open House which I came across via a link on an Instagram channel of a couple I follow who made some pretty funny Poly memes, as they are on the show. Initially, I was thinking this was going to be a mainstream program that took a series look at ENM / Polyamory but in reality I think it’s more geared up towards newbie swingers. There’s obviously nothing wrong with that but I think the way that it’s been pitched isn’t quite what it really is.

At the time of writing this we’re now up to Episode 4 and as a piece of TV entertainment of course it’s entertaining and the personalities are interesting but it feels more like First Dates for Swingers than it does taking a really serious look at how people can open their relationships emotionally and securely. The therapist on the show seems lovely, and has some very sensible advice but I think due to editing by the show it’s not quite where it needs to be.  The Guardian review here nails it really in that it doesn’t really move the conversation on at all but it makes for good TV.

One plus point of it though is that recently I’ve met via the private chat group ran by Instagrammer ‘Vista Wife‘ a lot of couples and singles who watched the show and have started to explore the lifestyle of being open with others and that is never a bad thing in my mind but it’s obviously people who are primarily interested in that sexual dynamic more so than the relationship side.