How can we reconcile divergent preferences about digital communication in relationships? I share my own experiences with this and talk about it broadly as well.

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Time stamps:
00:00 Introduction + FYI, I’m a bit under the weather
01:22 What I mean by “social media” in this video
01:53 Reactions to people who don’t message often
03:03 Guilt trips demonstrate poor boundaries
04:39 How I used to think about this issue
06:27 Why that was narrow-minded, incorrect, and unkind
07:56 What my relationship to social media/messaging looks like now
12:34 The bigger reason I limit my (social) use of digital mediums
17:21 Making space for what brings me joy and serenity
20:50 How do we connect when we have divergent relationships to this technology?

#relationships #polyamory #socialmedia

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