Polyamorous relationships, like any other relationship, can keep your hands and memory full, especially with multiple partners’ likes, availability, birthdays, anniveraries, etc. With ‘The Polycule User Manual’ you can keep your patners’ information organized with Partner Profiles, keep track of important relationship discussions with ‘State of the Relationship & Table Talk’ worksheets, lay out the agreements on your relationships with ‘Define the Relationship’ worksheets, and more. Whether you are new to polyamory or very experienced, maintaining multiple relationships and having them be successful/meaningful can be tricky or even quite difficult depending on your partners’ needs. The Polycule User Manual is designed to help keep your information about your partners and relationships in order and in one place, so you can focus more on creativity, romance and caring for your partners.

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The Polycule User Manual: A Personal Polyamory Guide Book